Inspired by Creation

Ann Bussey

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.     Genesis 1:1

Welcome to my online creative corner. I’m Ann, an artist and retired educator.  The beauty and intricacies of nature are my inspiration. Regardless of life’s ups and downs, God’s creation amazes and delights. Nature and art are great therapy!

Packing Light

Many years ago I began taking sketch and paint kits with me wherever I go. Soon I will be adding a blog to this site to share travel kit tips and much more!

Plein Air Painting

From the sketchbook to the easel. In recent years I have discovered plein-air painting. It challenges me, but I love this new found outdoor adventure.

Explore Creation...

From soft sandy shores to rugged mountain peaks and everything in between. Inspiration abounds from the Master Artist.

On Site & Photography

My art is created both on site and in the studio. Rarely do I complete a work outdoors. Painting the details brings me joy and I have spent decades taking nature photos on my travels with the intention of painting them someday.

I have also learned that taking a photo before a plein air session is a must, as everything changes so quickly. I try to capture the colors and atmosphere and then layer in the details back in the studio.

Not everyone enjoys working from photo resources, but when you have a heart for details…