Artist Bio

He has filled him with God’s Spirit, with wisdom, understanding, and ability in every kind of craft…      Exodus 35:31

Artist Statement

Creation amazes me!

I am inspired by the beauty and intricacies of our amazing world. From the wonderment of the tiniest creature to the awe we experience under a multi-colored sky – and my heart is in the details.

I am drawn to the seemingly endless variety of colors, shapes, patterns and lines both in nature and in architecture. As a child coloring wasn’t about just filling the spaces between the lines, but also figuring out how many values I could create with a single crayon. I also spent hours with graph paper, pencil and a ruler designing my someday dream house.

My interest in art continued throughout my school years, where I took every elective art class I could fit into my schedule. This continued right into college where I receive my BFA. However, I feel it is the mentoring of other artists and the years of practice and play that have given me the greater art education.

Traveling and experiencing the beauty of other countries and cultures, studying under many talented artists and learning a variety of mediums have all added to my growth as an artist. I also spent 25 years as an art educator. Teaching skills to others certainly improves your own!

I began my art career as a graphic artist using mostly ink & gouache. In the early 90’s I started painting with acrylics with a focus on European style folk art. The discovery of travel sketchbooks and urban sketching led me into watercolors and colored pencils. Recently I began plein air painting, but an oil painter I am not – so watercolors are my travel medium of choice.

My studio often has multiple projects in progress at once and though I thrive on the details that call for my finest brushes, I also enjoy experimenting with more relaxed painting styles and playing with mixed media art.

Education & Career

  • BFA University of Denver
  • Freelance & Studio Photographer
  • Graphic Artist
  • Society of Decorative Painters
  • Central Ohio Plein Air
  • Retired Art Educator