Okay, so here it is – my first post for my new website. This is not what I had planned to write about, but as I opened my site editor there was a glich, and somehow I lost my main homepage. When I reviewed my backups I discovered that I had backed up during development, but forgotten to backup after my site was finally completed.

LESSON LEARNED – Backup every day you make edits – ALWAYS! My site has been online for 3 months and I was so happy with how it had turned out. Unfortunately due to this morning’s mishap, I had to sacrifice 3 pages of content in order to get my main page back online as quickly as possible. So that stinks!

I think the worst part of this is that I now have to rewrite my bio page, which for me is the hardest part. I don’t know about other artists out there, but I just don’t like talking about myself. I’m hoping I typed it in a Word file and not directly into the editor. Guess that is the second lesson of the day. ALWAYS type your content in a document file first, then copy and paste into your editor. This way you can retain your files on a hard-drive for quick repairs.

So, if you are new here and find some pages are a bit empty (especially the About page) remember that patience is a virtue and maintaining good backups are a necessity.